Thank you as always for your support and subscription to Splendies, we really do appreciate it. We appreciate your patience even more, especially during this time. We know that you're extremely excited to get your September Splendies and trust us, we're excited to get them to you!

As many of you may know there are a ton of shipping and logistic problems plaguing the US right now and it's having a trickle down effect globally and delaying everything. Unfortunately our small company has been affected by what's happening so there will be a delay in us shipping your September Splendies.

Don't worry - you'll still receive them well before Halloween! 

We're looking to start shipping the September Splendies domestically the first week of October (it usually takes us a week to ship so most may not go out until the 2nd week).

We're planning on shipping to Canadian members mid October (likely the 2nd or 3rd week).

As always we'll keep you informed of any changes that happen here and on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

You'll receive your tracking number as soon as your package ships. We won't send tracking until your package is ready to go out. So don't worry if your tracking email is a little later than usual - your Splendies are coming!

And some good news...While we're never able to guarantee specific pairs, if you selected the Surprise Variety set this month, your chances are VERY good that you'll receive the Halloween bat pair that everyone wants! 😉

We know your Splendies this month will be worth the wait! We really appreciate your patience and understanding. 

Lastly, we're not billing any members for October until at least a week after we send out the September packages. We don't want members getting billed twice before receiving their September package. 

One more note about what's happening in the world with shipping right now. We wish that we could say that things will be getting better but we anticipate delays for our November special holiday set as well as there are even more backups and delays. Just know that we're working to get everyone their packages as soon as possible.

The Splendies Team

October 05, 2021 — Elizabeth Bailey
Tags: shipping

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