Hi Everyone, 
We have some exciting news! The super popular Spooky Splendies Bat Pair is making a comeback in your September Splendies. This has been our most requested pair ever and so thanks to everyone for making that happen.


OK, here are the details! Not everyone's going to get them, we're only making a limited quantity and they're going to be in select Splendies packages.  Splendies is a surprise subscription and so we can't ever guarantee items but here are some tips on how to receive them. 

They'll only be in the Surprise Variety package this year. So if you want them make sure to change your Type of Package to the Surprise Variety package BEFORE September 8th. There may be a handful in the All Thong package but really rare.

Make sure that your subscription renews on September 11th. We're sending these out first come, first serve so you'll have a better chance if your subscription renews on the 11th. 

If you got them last year that's because you had the All Thong subscription. If you do NOT want to get them again just keep your All Thong subscription or switch to the No Thong package for the month of September. You can always change it back. Just remember that we need all changes in before the 8th.

Even more good news... if you don't get these in your subscription we'll have them AVAILABLE IN THE STORE individually and also as a part of a set. So wait until you get your subscription and if you don't get them then they can always be purchased in the store. 

That's it! We have some old goodies and favorites coming too so more announcements to come!

  • Not guaranteed to receive
  • In September renewing packages, limited number will be made available to new members
  • Exclusively in the Surprise Variety package
  • All changes must be made BEFORE September 8th
  • Will be available in the Splendies Store by October 1st

If you have any questions please reach out to our team at [email protected], we'll be happy to help!

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