If you have to say goodbye to summer then say it in style with our "Miami Nice" limited edition print from Splendies. 

We're celebrating the 80's with this throwback print as a part of our "Decades Collection." Over the next 12 months we'll be introducing prints inspired by the 1960s through 1990s.  

Our signature super soft nylon bikini, this tropical themed print is Bold and Beautiful. Only available in select September 2018 Splendies. Signup or Restart your subscription today for your chance at "Miami Nice" Splendies.

  • You must be subscribed in August for chance to receive.
  • Only subscriptions that renew on August 11th are eligible to receive. 
  • Available in All Sizes!
  • While supplies last. 
  • Not available in Splendies All Thong Packages
  • Not guaranteed to receive
August 10, 2018 — Elizabeth Bailey


Beth Balgenorth said:

I can smell sun in on my hair and I’m wearing an ocean pacific shirt and bum shorts…. haha 1986 flashback….

Andrea Abella said:

I love these hope.i can get a pair

Veronica Resendez said:

These are really cute ! Hope they make their way to my mailbox .

Danielle Green said:

The 80’s print is awesome and I love the 80’s, this are adorably cute.

Cristal Lewis said:

These splendies are super cute! Makes me think about the good ole’ days!!💜

Anna Roth said:

I love these bc they remind me of my childhood. When I was growing up I loved watching the shows for the 80’s and all the musicals all the way back to the 1950’s! So I definitely living for these!!

Sabrina Suozzi said:

I love the all the colors! Especially the blue since it is my favorite shade of blue!

Tquilla Fuqua said:

I think they are sexy

Tiffany Ebbs said:

Oh these are so awesome! Im super stoked for the up coming prints! Great idea!

Tabitha said:

I would so love a pair of these!!! Too cute to pass up!!!

Kathryn said:

These are Soo cute I hope to get them


These Miami nice splendies are so cute! I wear a size 3×. Hope I get one.

Lizbeth Hernandez said:

They are so cute, I hope I get a pair!

Judy Peter said:

Oh Miami Nice. I see what y’all did there. So cute !

Erica said:

Love the Decades Collection idea!!

Danielle Green said:

These are super adorable.

Jacquelyn Miller said:

These are extremely adorable! I hope I receive these! My boyfriend would love them too 😋 He loves the game Hotline Miami and these remind me of that!

Katie said:

These are so fun

Nelia Fernandes said:

Love the colors

Amber Klingshirn said:

These are super cute…I.use to love watching Miami Vice, Don Johnson was so sexy… love Splendies..

Mandy Stafford said:

These are adorable! I love this subscription! Only been a month and I am a huge fan already!

Heather Wiseman said:

Love it!! So sad to see summer go.. love splendies, going to sign my 16yr old up for it so she will stop stealing mine!!

Lisa portner said:

I am currently subscribed with Splendies for a 6 month subscription. I would like to extend (renew) my subscription for another 6 months.

Johnna said:

Summer, please don’t go! Love this theme. So cute!

Katelyn sherman said:

These are super cute

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