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Free Shipping on All Orders over $19!*
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Alert! Changes to the Splendies Referral Program!

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Hi Splendies Members!

We're making it even easier for you to get FREE Splendies through the Splendies Referral Program. Starting in October:

Just refer 2 friends or family to sign up for a subscription within the month and get your next Splendies for free! Each month just use your unique referral link and if 2 friends sign up your next month will be on us.

  • Current Referral Program terms ends September 30th
  • 2 referral sign ups must be made within the same month for credit
  • Referrals don't carry over to the next month and reset at the end of each month
  • Must have an active subscription 
  • Friends/Family must start a new Splendies subscription for referrer to get credit
  • Members with free Splendies under the current program will still receive all free Splendies accumulated before starting new program
  • Members with 3 or less referrals will reset at the end of September
  • Terms and conditions apply
  • Terms subject to change

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  • Sherry Johnson on

    Excited for mine

  • Nayda Carmona on

    Great product! Always a nice surprise. I’d like to know how to get another size, 4×. too. Where is the link for that?

  • Sosna Taylor on

    I need to change My size to 4X for next month.. and on going thanks

  • Michelle Lopez on

    I love this product and enjoy getting them every month..

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