Dear Splendies Members in Canada, 
Thank you for being a subscriber and for your understanding during this very difficult time, we appreciate it. The worldwide Covid-19 pandemic has caused significant delays with Canada Post delivering your Splendies to you. We apologize for the delays and for the time it's taking some of you to receive your Splendies. Currently we're seeing major backups at the border with delivery times averaging anywhere between 4-8 weeks. 

STARTING AUGUST 1st - Temporary Shipping Fee
Our goal has always been to get your packages to you as quickly and as safely as possible. In order to do so we'll be using a new shipping method. Starting August 1st Splendies will ship packages into Canada using a new option through DHL International Services. This new method will not only be faster (we anticipate as fast as 1 week up to 4 week delivery time) but will also provide you with door to door tracking so that you can track your package directly to your home or office. The new shipping fee of $8USD will automatically be added onto future renewals starting in August. Prepaid accounts will be accessed the shipping fee at the time of billing each month on the 11th. We will not be able to ship your package until the shipping fee is charged.

If you’d rather not pay the $8 fee you can skip that month's selection by logging into your account and choosing the "Skip a Month" option. Here are the instructions on how to skip a month of Splendies.

The deadline to skip each month is 11:59:59 PST on the 7th of each month. If we don’t hear from you before this time, your Splendies will be billed and shipped for the month with the fee applied.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic shipping costs have risen dramatically across the board with recent international increases being impacted the most significantly. International shipping into Canada has increased 50% this year alone. The $8 fee reflects the lowest we're able to offer and still get your Splendies to you in a much more reasonable time. 

We will look to going back to the FREE shipping option that we used prior to the Covid-19 pandemic once we feel that Canada Post will be able to deliver your Splendies in a timely manner to our expectations.

These changes do not affect any domestic shipping or international shipments outside of Canada. Shipments within the US, Military Addresses, and US Territories will still be FREE and shipments to international destinations that are not Canada will remain at $10. 
Our goals are always to get you your Splendies as quickly and as safely as possible in order to provide the best experience that we can. We believe that this temporary change will enable us to continue that expected level of service. Thank you for your subscription to Splendies.


July 13, 2020 — Elizabeth Bailey

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