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WIN a FREE Month of Splendies with #Splendies #Shareyourpair

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We have a really fun contest going on all throughout the month of April! We want to know what was your favorite pair from April or ANY other Splendies that you've gotten. Make sure to include the Splendies logo or hangtag along with #Splendies and #Shareyourpair in your post.

We'll select up to 10 winners to get their next Splendies package for FREE just for sharing. So make those posts great. Have a Splendies Day!

  • #Splendies must be in your post
  • Post must contain the Splendies logo or hangtag
  • Up to 10 winners. 
  • Winners will be notified via Direct Message
  • Must follow @splendies on Instagram to be eligible for Instagram winners
  • Your post must be visible and your account public for us to see it
  • Splendies and Volupties members anywhere in the world are eligible
  • Limit 1 winner per customer
  • Can not be combined with any other winning Splendies giveaway
  • Rules subject to change
  • Contest ends May 10th at 11:59PM PST

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  • Alice on

    I have been getting undies from Splendies for a while now. I love the underwear. They are super cute and they are very comfortable 😊 As soon as I get mine I will share the ones I like. 🙂

  • Gem on
    Was very skeptical at first but I’m actually really happy I wear an extra small but they don’t have extra small so I just got small but they fit OK
  • Elana on

    I get 2 packs a month so that way I get 6 pairs waiting on them I have a favorite as of now but we will see if the new ones out between that one

  • Sonya on

    I love my Splendies, best decision I made. Going on 8 months and counting.

  • Melody Johnston on

    I am so in love with Splendies there so amazing and beautiful!!

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