Halloween Splendies are back. Here's our limited edition "Cat-O-Lantern" print.
Super soft bamboo rayon bikini. Only available in random October 2017 Splendies. Restart your subscription today for your chance at Halloween Splendies!

  • You must be subscribed in September for chance to receive.
  • Only recurring subscriptions that renew on October 11th are eligible to receive. 
  • While supplies last. 
  • Not available in Splendies All Thong Packages
  • Not guaranteed to receive
September 06, 2017 — Elizabeth Bailey


Amy Gordon said:

I love Splendies. I’ve received 4 packages so far. Everyone fits perfectly. I hope I get a special Halloween pair. I just love the idea of the seasonal undies. Do you do a Christmas pair?

Laurie said:

Im so excited to receive my first month of Splendies, the Cat-O-Lantren looks so cute.

Angie moreno said:

I’ve been with Splendies a couple years now and I love them I can’t wait for my package every month and I just love the holiday Theme they do for every holiday!!! I hope to have a pair of these!!! ❤️❤️

Brittany said:

Yah i got email saying im getting the cat o lantern pair cuteee ! Cant wait ???

Atlanta Phelps said:

I really want the Cat-O-Lantern!

Leila Santiago said:

I loved the pieces you sent me. They looked so cute. ???❤️❤️❤️

Samantha said:


Sonya Boone said:

The best subscription ever!! These undies are the best. You get mixtures of sexy and comfy that’s what I love!!!!

Jesenia said:

I Always get the right Undies I just love them

Terry Bancroft said:

I love every pair of my splendies that I receive I am Always excited every month to see which ones I get.

Mary said:

I can’t wait to see what I get in my 2nd package and I hope I am lucky enough to get the cat-o-lantern panties!!!!

Rebecca P said:

Those are Super adorable and look comfy ! Hope I’m lucky enough to get a pair !

Shannon schilling said:

So excited to receive my new panties

Melissa Marsh said:

Love my splendies. I just got my first order and I love them. Thanks a lot.

Samantha Richard said:

I love splendies

Lesley Jean said:

I want these lol

Baylee lehman said:

I LOVE my splendies. I thought i would only try it out for a month but when I got my first month subscription I automatically wanted to keep my subscription with splendies every month

Shelby Basu said:

I really want those cat panties!! ??

Stacy said:

I love my Splendies! Panty Day is an event in this house! Just saw that they’re doing a Cat-o-lantern pair… this cat lady NEEDS them!!!

kayley said:

The cat o lantern panties are seriously the cutest I hope I get them !

Jessica said:

Would love to have these in my subscription!

Courtney Grant said:

Omg so cute!

Stephanie Stewart said:

So excited to order next months October Splendies

Renee Dunn said:

I’m so excited to see what you guys have sent me

Ana Victoria said:

I love Splendies!!!!!

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