Sloths are cute... but lazy. A lot of us love to do yoga just to stay active. So we thought to ourselves, "Wouldn't it be fun to have cute sloths doing yoga?"

Introducing the Limited Print "Yoga Sloth Splendies" exclusively in October renewing Splendies Surprise Variety and No Thong packages! 

This is a cute nylon bikini with sloths stretching, in the lotus position, working in the seated forward bend, and rocking to cool tunes like a Warrior!  

Make sure to subscribe today for your chance at this limited edition print. 

And we're bringing back on a limited run our ever popular "Scaredy Cat" Splendies next month as well. This was one of our most popular designs and so we're bringing it back on a limited run as well. Don't worry... we know what you got so you won't get anything twice. 

Namaste Splendies Gals, Namaste.

  • You must be subscribed in September for chance to receive in October.
  • Only subscriptions that renew on October 11th are eligible to receive. 
  • Available in all sizes!
  • While supplies last. 
  • Not available in All Thong Packages - But we do have sloths for the All Thong Package as well for October  
  • Not guaranteed to receive and not able to customize packages


Lauren coryell said:

Omg PLEASE I love them !!!!

Casey Petrozino said:

I’ll definitely be renewing on October 1st sooo looking forward to this! I love this panty subscription box!

Patrick baldwin said:

I do want these

Dawn said:

PLEASE!!!!i these!!

Taylor said:

So cute!

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