We're bringing back holiday themed Splendies for December and this year we're featuring items from Rene Rofe Intimates. But we also have other holiday designs that we're not showing to keep it all a surprise. 

We know that our themed undies are very popular and while we'd love to make sure that everyone will receive a pair of themed undies, it's just not something that we can guarantee. They'll be in packages selected at random.




  • You must be subscribed in November for chance to receive.
  • In order to ship out in time for arrival prior to December 25th...
  • Only recurring subscriptions that renew on December 11th are eligible to receive. 
  • While supplies last. Not guaranteed to receive. 
  • Designs subject to change.
November 14, 2016 — Elizabeth Bailey


Deidre said:

EEEK!!! I’m so excited! Fingers crossed that I get one of the holiday packages. I love themed underwear!

Jennifer Evers said:

I’d like to keep my subscription please!! Thank you!

Alexis said:

Never been disappointed in my underwear. Every month it just gets better and better!

Splendies said:

@Gina – Sure thing!

Gina said:

Will there be holiday themed undies in the volupties box as well?

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