It's time to get festive with friends, family, and Splendies! Introducing our Limited Edition Happy Holidays Penguin Splendies that will be featured in our December package.

Little happy penguins ice skating and baring gifts in holiday sweaters. This is one of our "super-soft" nylon bikinis that you've come to love. It's similar to the material from our "Miami Nice" print from earlier in the month. This and 2 other great Splendies items in December!

And we'll also have different holiday themed items for our members who subscribe to our All Thongs Package as well.

  • You must be subscribed in November for chance to receive.
  • Only subscriptions that renew on December 11th are eligible to receive. 
  • Available in all sizes!
  • While supplies last. 
  • Not available in All Thong Packages - But we do have festive prints for the All Thong Package as well for December.  
  • Not guaranteed to receive
November 12, 2018 — Elizabeth Bailey


Lori Pryor said:

I love my December splendies! I was lucky to receive the penguin undies. Bonus.. I also received the Halloween pair with the kitty in a witch hat!! Those two are my favorite so far. Can’t wait to see what I will get for January, which happens to be my birthday month!

Tricia Murray said:

I would like to get a pair of these. I do have some comfy splendies 😀😀😀

Amanda Denis said:

I loved my first package so I’m really looking forward to the December collection I really hope to get the 🐧 ones they are adorable

Judy Peter said:

Those are absolutely adorable!!

Julie Pierunek said:

I love penguins me please 😊

Brylee Vincent said:

I love how I don’t have to do awkward shopping with my dad anymore😁

Kaila Swanson said:

Oh my goodness!! I absolutely love these

cindy Marini said:

So glad I get to receive a pair! Cant wait to get them!

cindy Marini said:

So glad I get to receive a pair! Cant wait to get them!

Sandra Michelle said:

I love these and I was lucky enough to receive the special “Pumpkin & Kitty” ones for Halloween so I hope I get these too. Keep up the good work splendies your defiantly one of my favorite subscriptions that ai receive 💋💗

Diandria said:

I’m happy I subscribed 💕🎁🎊

Danny Phenix said:

My girlfriend LOVES her Splendies panties! I’ll be in the doghouse if she doesn’t get the penguins!

Glorilee Crespo said:

I Love my Splendies …but Christmas its the best thing to spend in family and wearing a splendies thong 🐧 at holiday would be the most fantástic holiday . 🐧🎅🎄

Courtney Schaffer said:

What if u just wanna buy the penguin underwear

Roberta said:

I Luv Penguins.. I have a penguin Christmas tree. Every year I buy. New penguin ornament.. So cute

Kathy Smith said:

ADORABLE!! I hope I get these.


Hope my Christmas wish comes true. Penguins, please.

Jessica said:

The penguins are so cute!

Amanda Deere said:

They are so cute

Ashley said:

Oh my gosh I love penguins!! I would love to get this cute penguin design for Christmas! The Halloween ones were so cute I can only imagine how cute these are in person!

Kristen Anderson said:

How festive! I would love to see the holiday prints for the thongs. I so enjoy getting my splendors every month!

Melanie Sickle said:

Those are so adorable ❤️❤️❤️

Shannon Connor said:

I love my splendies!

Lee Anne said:

Love these!!

nickie ortiz said:

I am so happy with this program and really love the quality. I would like to receive these Penguin panties as well! Thanks for all you do.

Michelle Hattell said:

I love getting my splendies every month. The penguins 🐧 are super cute. Here’s to hoping to getting a pair.

Elizabeth Ankrom said:

I love these penguin ones! I have some of the soft, nylon ones from other Splendies months and they’re so comfy! Fingers crossed I get these too XO

Bree said:

I love Penguins!! So sweet she cuddly!!!!!!

Keira said:

I just received my 2nd subscription of SPLENDIES, and I couldn’t be more in love! They are so cute, and comfortable! I cannot wait for my Christmas package! I hope I get a pair of the penguins! Too cute!!

Jenna L Mattice said:

Please please! I love 🐧!

Corissia said:


Jessica said:

I love my splendies. I have been subscribed since feburary and i get excited every month when they come in. I would love to get these penguin ones. Too adorable ☺😊

Haley Newman said:

I love penguins 🐧 I hope I get a pair

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