You ask, we listen.

Many members have been asking for a month of all cotton Splendies and we're bringing it to you. The March Surprise Variety packages will be cotton for the first time ever! So if you're a fan of cotton make sure to sign up today for your chance to receive them in March. Previews to come!!

  • You must be subscribed in February for chance to receive.
  • Only subscriptions that renew on March11th are eligible to receive. 
  • Available in all sizes!
  • While supplies last. 
  • Not available in All Thong or No Thong Packages 
  • Not guaranteed to receive
February 09, 2019 — Elizabeth Bailey


Jes said:

Actually kinda bummed. Cotton is great and all, but I wish there was some sexier pairs! Love me some lace! 😉 And strappy ones!

Alison Smith said:

I’m new to this subscription. This will be my 3rd package. I’m fine with all cotton. Cotton is better for you anyway. The fancy panties aren’t good for you 24/7. I’m sure I won’t be disappointed. I want to be comfortable.

Stephanie s. said:

Can’t wait to get my order

Stephanie soto said:

Have to see my frist orderI don’t mind cotton as long as they’re cut

Bobbie Dee said:

I prefer the sexy as well like a comment said above I can get cotton anywjt

Lucy said:

Yes!! Cotton volupties!!😍😍

DeAntoinette Dailey said:

I ❤ cotton!!!!

Juanita said:

Cotton is ok but prefer the sexy undies..i can get cotton anywhere

Myrtha said:

Yassss! Please, count me in for the all cotton I. March.

Loving my February selection!!!😍😍😍😍

etivise gordon said:

I would like cotton unfied

Lori A Pacheco said:



No Thongs Please

Stacy said:

I would love to have splendies in all cotton.

Briana Shaffer said:

Is there anyway I can request 100% cotton Splendies only?

Tanya Complaint Tatera said:

Love cotton

Jacqueline Robinson said:

I need to change my address how do I do that

Jenny Primeaux said:

Can we not have too many of these? Lol. I much prefer sexy panties…. I have plenty of cotton regular ones at home. Thank you!

Alexis said:

Love splendies

Patricia Singletary said:

Thank you i am a cotton baby

Krystal said:

This is awesome! I’ve been meaning to ask about this because I just CANNOT make the lace last long for me no matter how I launder them.

Jamie said:

Yes!!! I am so happy about this!! I love this subscription ❤❤❤

Amy Fuemmeler said:

I am very excited about this! I would definitely like to receive the all cotton March Surprise Variety Pack.

Tiffany Marsh said:

Love your underwear

Yolanda Carroll said:

I love 80% of the underwear. Extremely adorable! I don’t care for the spandex material ones.

Stacey Taylor said:

I just seen that this wont be available in the no thongs pack. That’s disappointing.

Candi Durham said:

I would love an all cotton variety pack!!!!
Please and Thank you!!!

Desiree DeGaro said:

Love cotton

Chevi Wooldridge said:

Could solid white or nude colors be added? Summer is coming and they will be needed with dresses/skirts! Thanks

Teresa Palmer-Harrison said:

Make them sexy even though their cotton. Comfort can still be sexy!!

Raymond Wilson said:

Not really a fan of all cotton 👎

Stacey said:

Sounds good! I just hope we get diffrent styles also


This makes me so super excited thank you! I hate lace lace lace!

Carrie said:

I like all cotton. Get tired of the satin, lace etc.
I would only like cotton in my subscription from here on out.

Mindy Roesel said:

Yay!!! The only negative thing I’ve found with this service is the lack of cotton.

Penny Drysdale said:

I would love to have only gotten on all my orders

Charissa joncas said:

Yes please

Amber Bernicke said:

Can’t wait

Danielle Kalinowski said:

All cotton is great! Keeps lady parts healthy!

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