Get $2 Off your next Splendies for sharing on Instagram!
We're announcing our coolest promotion yet. Post your June Splendies on Instagram and you'll be eligible to receive $2 off your July recurring Splendies subscription. To be eligible just follow these steps:
1) Your Instagram profile must be set to public 
2) Your post has to include your Splendies AND the Splendies logo (either from the hangtag or Splendies packaging)
3) Your post has to be tagged #Splendies so we can find it
4) Follow us on Instagram so you can get our direct message to you
That's it. Make sure to check your Instagram inbox (you'll need to set up to receive messages from Splendies so follow us on Instagram) where we'll send you instructions on how to claim your $2 off coupon for your July Splendies. This promotion is available for the first 1000 members only who post their Splendies between June 10-July 5. Promotion ends at 11:59:59PM PST on July 5th. All entries must be in at that time. 
And even if you're not one of the first 1000 members we'll still be giving away free pairs so still make sure to keep those posts coming. 
Here are some examples of some terrific Splendies Instagram posts that we'll be looking for this month!
  • Only one coupon per subscriber 
  • Subscription must be active and renew on July 11th to use coupon
  • Coupons not applicable to be used after July 11th
  • Prepaid subscriptions will receive the coupon in the form of a $2 refund
  • Post must be of your June Splendies
  • Can not be combined with any other offers
June 05, 2017 — Elizabeth Bailey


Tempie Wells said:

I love splendies

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Love them

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Love them

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