Hey Everyone, 

The last few months of Splendies have been great and we're hoping that you're enjoying the service. Just a reminder that coupon codes are available one time at the beginning of your subscription.

There are literally dozens of codes out there for you to save on your first month of Splendies (and Volupties as well) while trying out the service, testing the sizing, and overall to see if Splendies is right for you. Unfortunately we've had a few people try to abuse this in recent weeks by subscribing, canceling, and immediately reordering. Splendies subscriptions are currently $12 and $14 which we think is a great price to get some really nice undies. $8 to try us out is pretty amazing! So we do have to check and please know that the subscription is between $12 and $14 and those abusing the codes will be subject to the charge. Thanks, and as always you can reach us at [email protected].

April 30, 2014 — Elizabeth Bailey

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