Changes to Splendies

Dear Subscribers, 
Thank you so much for being a Splendies subscriber. We've certainly come a long way over the past 6 years and we certainly believe that we've improved Splendies tenfold over that time. 

We've always listened to your suggestions and we believe that we've made Splendies a better subscription for everyone and are looking forward to making 2019 and beyond even better.

Over the past 4 years we've rolled out numerous features and we're working on bringing more features in the future. Over the last 4 years here are some of the improvements that you may have missed.
  • Added Chat so that members can get in touch with us in real time 
  • Expanded our Customer Service team and now most questions are answered in under 24 hours
  • Added the size 4X to Volupties
  • Added Paypal as an option
  • We're shipping WAY faster now
  • Have a 2 for 1 Referral program and have expanded our Giveaways
  • We started making our own undies! We now get to feature some really fun styles and prints with our own Splendies brands 
  • Much better quality undies than from 4 years ago, no question!

Some things that we're working for 2019 and beyond. 

  • Re-opening the Splendies SHOP where you can not only get specific pairs of undies that you loved, but you'll also be able to get full past packs too!
  • Adding the All Thong option to size Extra Large this year and are hoping to add to Volupties next year. It's in the works. 
  • New Brands!!
  • We're bringing new products to Splendies. Stay tuned!!


Better Quality
We REALLY listen to the survey questions each and every month. Make sure to fill them out. We do more of the items that you said that you love and get rid of the brands that you don't! The quality being offered in Splendies packages are second to none and offer the best value for undies anywhere. 

Consistent Sizing
We get rave reviews on the consistency of the sizing of our Splendies brand undies. Being able to make our own undies means that you get much better sizing since we can control it fully. We'll be doing more Splendies brand undies this year. 

We know that these changes will make Splendies a better subscription service going forward. Starting in May 2019 all new Splendies subscriptions will be $14.99. We believe that the small increase will allow us to bring you better undies and better undies faster. Volupties subscription prices will not change. All subscribers with existing active subscriptions as of April 30, 2019 will be grandfathered in and their subscription will remain at the same price.
We have other improvements that we are working on and looking to release throughout the year as well. We're constantly working to make Splendies the best! We'll keep you posted. We hope that you've enjoyed Splendies as much as we've enjoyed bringing it to you and we look forward to 2019 and 2020 and beyond!
-Splendies Team


  • Cynthia

    Can you please have more cotton options available? And also as someone else suggested, I think a free pair of undies on your bday would be an excellent idea.

  • Tyshaunalong

    I’ve only received one package yet, but I loved it. It’s not something that I would have chose if I had to buy it at the store. I’m a plain, simple person. But I love the ones that I got and so does my husband. Thank you splendies.

  • Shelby Anderson

    I think you should get a free splendies package for your birthday month!

  • Hope
    I enjoy splendies so much getting beautiful new underwear make me feel like I can be sexy again. I am a mother of four and I am never have time to shop for myself this. This Subscription helps me feel like myself. Thank you

  • Jawana Mason

    Could the liners in the panties be a darker color instead of white.

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